The More I Let Go, The More I will Have

So, my Year 2020 Big Game continues. Self-healing…that is….

How do I do it? The best way is through meditation. As many of you have been doing for the last three months, I am staying at home almost all day, which gives me plenty of time for self-reflection.

When I have been having super busy days (until not so long ago!), I used to have many excuses NOT to meditate, but now, no excuses! What a perfect timing that the Universe gave me this challenge!

I am focusing on all my “should” and “rules” or “generalization” that I held onto or blocked new possibilities and letting go of my fears of losing those familiar territories.

Then, one day during my daily meditation, it suddenly hit me. A big a-ha moment. “The more I let go, the more I will have.”  And here’s another big one. “The more I let go, the more I am becoming.”

That is who I really am. Love and light to serve people and evolve the world.

I am declaring to the Universe that I am ready for that change.