Love is All that Matters

Love is all that matters”

I captured this beautiful moment yesterday.

Slowly, but surely the daylight hours are getting longer.

While meditating looking at this beautiful scenery from my window, a message that came to my mind was “love is all that matters” out of nowhere.

I think that the message captures what many of us thought about this year under uncertain and challenging circumstances.

Love ? is all that matters.

Love ❤️ connects us all.

Actions out of love are most natural to our human beings.

When you act out of love, it will come back to you.

When everyone on Earth ? acts out of love, a full circle ⭕️ of love completes.

We are moving towards that world together.

If you are not sure where to start, send me an email to explore your environments and create a plan for a new year!?✨

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Memories in NY – 9.11

Memories in NY

Memories that you shouldn’t forget, but at the same time, you don’t want to remember because it’s just so hard.

That is my September 11th, 2001. It had been 3.5 years since I had moved to NY.

Looking at my old album, twin towers from Soho and from the Empire State Building, my thoughts and heart go out to those who lost their lives and their families.

I lit my candle and mediate..?


The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

Do you meditate regularly? I remember the first time I started meditation based on my mentor coach’s recommendation several years ago, I was frustrated. My mind was in full force during the meditation. It was almost opposite effect and I felt like I was creating MORE TIME TO THINK by meditating and doing more things to do in my busy schedules.

I was like, don’t we meditate to be calm, get out of our head, and be still? So, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand why many people recommend meditation so strongly.

I was also looking for results. My mentor coach reminded me over and over that meditation is not about results, it’s a process.

Now, I’ve been reaping so many benefits from my daily meditation. One of the biggest ones is my intuition. My ability to hear my small inner voice and to listen to my intuition has been improved so much.

It does not necessarily happen during a meditation, but if meditation becomes your daily routine, out of the blue, you will often get an answer for what you’ve been asking and pondering.

It happened to me this morning while doing my laundry. It was a big a-ha moment.

The Mirror of Relationship

The Mirror of Relationship

You’ve probably heard about this concept and how it works. But, boy…., it’s hard to swallow… don’t you agree?

You see and deal with people that frustrate you and those “types” seem to be always around you and never go away! Does that sound familiar to you? Well, I am not an exception who is always trapped in those “people.”

I knew about this “mirror of relationship” and how people around you are just a reflection of who you are. But, I wasn’t convinced. I was like, “how could it be? I am the opposite end of the spectrum! I would never act like them or think like them!”  I was denial.

Then, one day, it hit me. Once again during my daily healing meditation. Yes, my 2020 big game. I’ve been focusing on “self-love” and suddenly, I realized that those “types” are the exactly the “types” that I hate to see myself to be. I can’t stand if I were like them.


I’ve had so may “have to” about myself. I have to be this and that. If I am not living up to my own expectations, I am not approving myself. I can’t accept myself.

Judgement is a projection of self-critics. When I am OK with no matter how I am and what I do or don’t do and love myself unconditionally, I believe I will love and accept everyone who is reflecting in my mirror. Because in the end, there’s only me in the world. Everyone is just a fraction of who I am, myself.

The More I Let Go, The More I will Have

So, my Year 2020 Big Game continues. Self-healing…that is….

How do I do it? The best way is through meditation. As many of you have been doing for the last three months, I am staying at home almost all day, which gives me plenty of time for self-reflection.

When I have been having super busy days (until not so long ago!), I used to have many excuses NOT to meditate, but now, no excuses! What a perfect timing that the Universe gave me this challenge!

I am focusing on all my “should” and “rules” or “generalization” that I held onto or blocked new possibilities and letting go of my fears of losing those familiar territories.

Then, one day during my daily meditation, it suddenly hit me. A big a-ha moment. “The more I let go, the more I will have.”  And here’s another big one. “The more I let go, the more I am becoming.”

That is who I really am. Love and light to serve people and evolve the world.

I am declaring to the Universe that I am ready for that change.