Successful People are Always Looking at the Bright Side of Life

“Successful people are always looking at the bright side of life.”


Looking at a bunch of tulips the other day brought me a big awareness.


When moving my tulips to a room with a full of sunshine, they quickly turned their faces and bent over to the sunlight in an obvious way! …as if they had been saying, “I was waiting for this moment!” LOL


Then, when the sun goes down, they close their petals again.


Light bulb went on in my head!!


In 2021, we are pretty much still in the dark not knowing what is going to happen. When watching the news, its focus is on the dark sides of events…


However, successful people are always more sensitive to the bright side of things and life rather than the dark side regardless of situations.


Just like these tulips.


I enjoy observing surroundings and have fun with finding some common threads between two seemingly unrelated things and I am good at bringing awareness to myself and my coaching clients.


You don’t have to necessarily go to school to learn something new. In fact, your daily life is a classroom with a full of treasures only if you pay close attention to your environments.


When you live your life with that level of consciousness, you may discover new things every day!


If you want to achieve your goals in the shortest period by making your environments work for you instead of you having to work hard with your will power, send me a DM. 2021 will be your year!


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Life is a series of Surprises. That's Why Life is Interesting.

“Life is a series of surprises. That’s why life is interesting.”


I often say this whether what has happened in that year was a happy event or a series of challenges.


So, people who are close to me and my family would think that I say the same thing every year..LOL


Life is interesting because you can’t foresee what’s going to happen.


And regardless of what happened, the things you have learned, thought about, struggled with, got frustrated with, noticed, got hurt, felt sad, got moved, inspired, and appreciated through those experiences…


Those become part of you and enriched who you are. And you become “Love.”


Then, it will be the one and only melody that only YOU can play and that power of yours will heal and help people around you.


Life is a collection of experiences.


What experiences have you added to your collection in 2020?


We have about three hours left in NY before the New Year.


Horoscope says that my sign will experience a huge leap in career and/or activities I do in a society/community. And it is going to be a very busy and challenging year.


I can’t imagine how possible it is to be busier than now….??!!


But at the same time, I’m very excited to think about the “Unknown.”


Then, at the end of 2021, I would like to say again, “life is interesting!”


I am really grateful for wonderful connections I had with you in 2020. I am so glad that I started Instagram in spite of my initial reluctance! It was my highlight in 2020.


I wish you all a healthy and fruitful new year in 2021!!!


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Love is All that Matters

Love is all that matters”

I captured this beautiful moment yesterday.

Slowly, but surely the daylight hours are getting longer.

While meditating looking at this beautiful scenery from my window, a message that came to my mind was “love is all that matters” out of nowhere.

I think that the message captures what many of us thought about this year under uncertain and challenging circumstances.

Love ? is all that matters.

Love ❤️ connects us all.

Actions out of love are most natural to our human beings.

When you act out of love, it will come back to you.

When everyone on Earth ? acts out of love, a full circle ⭕️ of love completes.

We are moving towards that world together.

If you are not sure where to start, send me an email to explore your environments and create a plan for a new year!?✨

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“I like it, I do it. That’s my code.”


“I like it, I do it. That’s my code. “

This is one of my favourite quotes at all times by French actor, Alain Delon.

Often times, we forget why we even started something because we get frustrated and disappointed ? if we don’t see the results we wanted when we wanted.


We get so caught up in a race that nobody forces us to run by comparing ourselves to others.

Step back for a second and remember why you started what you are doing in the first place.

Something must have inspired you to start it.

Come back to that pure joy ?.

You do it because you like it. Just as simple as that.

And in the end, that’s all there is to it.

The energy you bring to the world just out of joy will get you where you want to go at the right time.

With my coaching, I remind you to bring the spirit of play.

When you enjoy what you do, the world ? responds in the same way. ?

Explore your big game to play with me. Register a complimentary session from my contact page.

Now is Always the Best Time in My Life!

Now is always the best time in my life!


It’s a holiday season in the US, but of course, there will be no social events this year.


Nonetheless, I believe that now is always the best time in my life.


This is regardless of what’s going on in my life.


Because…… my life experience, learning, and growth led me who I am and where I am here and now.


So, that cannot be anything less but the best! ?


Life is a continuous moment of now, so your best is being renewed each moment.


That means….


Even when you are about to let go of your physical body, it will be the best time of your life!


This is not just some positive philosophy; it’s been my belief for a long time.


When you can’t think it that way, when things are not going well for you, try to answer this question.


“Why is this the best time in my life?”


When you force yourself to answer this question, you will learn and discover something new each time.


If you repeat this practice, it will become your habit.


With my coaching, I lead my clients to really think until their brain almost gets exhausted. LOL


I ask questions from all different dimensions.


Wouldn’t you want to see the world you’ve never seen before with my coaching?


Please reach out to me via “Contact Page” for a free exploratory coaching session.

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Dance with the Universe

The Universe is always trying to communicate with us in its own unique way.

And it has a sense of humor even.

It throws you in a totally unexpected direction sometimes.

As if it were telling me not to be so serious about life.

And you know what? The Universe is right.

Life is a serious thing, but you don’t have to take it so seriously. Get it?

Its message is always a great reminder.

The Universe wanted to play with me. So, I chose to dance.

With my coaching, you will relearn how to have fun with your life again and how to play with the Universe.

Bloom Wherever You are Planted

“Bloom wherever you are planted” “Stand out in the crowd”

There is one thing in common with all coaching clients who grow faster than the others and create success wherever they go.

That is they bloom wherever they are planted.

It doesn’t matter how unfavorable environment they are currently in.

They bloom and shine anyway right there and then.

They stand out in the crowd naturally just being who they are.

They take their own sunshine wherever they go., so success will chase after them.

Bloom wherever you are today.

Your being will shine through the crowd and success and happiness will chase after you. ????

Acknowledge Similarities instead of Differences

“Acknowledge similarities instead of differences”

It says that it’s not just an idealistic worldview, but it’s a fundamental NECESSITY if you truly want to create the energy to succeed.

This is one of those books that I’ve read more than twice, “Quantum Success” by Sandra Anne Taylor. 

Many are talking about oneness these days. Harmony with others is a way to live. In fact, that’s the only way to live in this new world ?.

With coaching, many clients come to me with challenges they have with people in their life, we explore a new approach by identifying similarities instead of differences.

After all, the world is your mirror and everyone is just a reflection of yourself.

Memories in NY – 9.11

Memories in NY

Memories that you shouldn’t forget, but at the same time, you don’t want to remember because it’s just so hard.

That is my September 11th, 2001. It had been 3.5 years since I had moved to NY.

Looking at my old album, twin towers from Soho and from the Empire State Building, my thoughts and heart go out to those who lost their lives and their families.

I lit my candle and mediate..?


Create Your Power Patterns – Language

Create Your Power Patterns

One of coaching tools that I learned at CoachVille was called “World Power,” which you create your perfect 9 environments that represent and reflect everything about your “Big Game” and who you want to become.


The most important thing or the first thing you do is to create your Power Pattern, your language that speaks about the world you want to create or who you want to become.


And anything that is not in alignment with that has to be zapped from your environments, including people, financial situations, your ideas, life style, diet, spiritual practice, etc., not just physical things.


Power Pattern doesn’t have to be a complete sentence, but it has to be something that has emotional charge to it.


You can create them as many as you want and update them as often as you want. Several years ago, my pattern language was {The Universe wants to play with me, so I decided to } Dance with the Universe,” or “Co-create the world of inspiration,” or “Do less, become more.”


Also, I would like to share how I’ve been playing with my power pattern as a daily reminder that I can’t help but to think about it all the time.  


I use my power pattern for passwords to log in to my computer or some other sites. You must have so many passwords to use every day, so why not to use your power pattern for those?

That way, you type your power pattern over and over every day and that should help you become that!


And you know how you have to change your passwords every 3 months or 6 months for some sites for security reasons or you can also choose to do so on your own.


So, if you have more power pattern that you want to use or you have a new power pattern that reflects your big game, you can update your passwords with new ones.


This is a how your environment supports your big game and that should help you achieve your goals faster!


What are some of your pattern languages?