Did you know that one of the most attractive qualities that people look for in a leader or any person? It’s authenticity. People want you to be YOU. Sounds easy, right? But why does it seem so hard for many people to express who they really are? Fear of judgement, fear of rejection, desire to fit in, desire to have a sense of belonging. We are all created to be unique. That’s how we can serve the world. Being authentic is the single most important factor to creating daily success. Let’s explore authentic YOU together.


What does it mean to “become” someone? It took years for me to really get the tremendous effect of becoming. Do you feel like you are not getting anywhere or do you always feel unsatisfied with your life no matter how many goals you have achieved? I will let you in on a little secret. That is, “the more goals you achieve, the more you lose yourself in doing.” Once you shift your focus from “doing” things to “becoming someone,” a magical transformation starts to happen. Let’s go there together.


Being curious is one of the greatest ways we stay alive and young. It makes your life always interesting. If you let your curiosity navigate your life, you will find a lot of new doors of opportunities suddenly start opening up for you. It happens because curiosity sparks creativity, inspires you to take action, and invites you to live a life free of judgement & with complete acceptance. The next time you feel like you want to judge yourself or others ,step back and look at the whole situation objectively. Be curious. You will discover new perspectives including about yourself. We will practice together.


Some people think that they know it all, they’ve learned everything that they need to know, therefore, they don’t have to learn anything new. Here’s a news flash. From the moment you stop learning, you stop growing. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can keep learning and evolving by discovering the NEW YOU. You will be amazed to discover how many more layers of you will be revealed. And suddenly, your world looks different. You infinite possibilities emerge.   Let’s go there together.


Yes, you can work on your personal development on your own. It is something you can plan before it happens. With strong will and hard work, you don’t necessarily need a coach to achieve personal development. But I want to take you further than just personal development. “Personal Evolution.” It’s something you can’t plan ahead. It just happens unexpectedly with new insights and awareness through coaching with me. In three months, I will take you to a place you never thought even possible.


What does freedom mean to you? What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “freedom?” What is a “true” freedom for you? Since I was a young girl, freedom has been my life theme. I came from a place with lots of rules and restrictions, lots of “dos” and “don’ts,” especially for women. So freedom for me is to express myself freely, being uniquely me. I embrace being original instead of following and imitating others just because that’s how we are supposed to live. Find YOUR freedom. You don’t have to live somebody else’s life. Run your own race. That’s where you shine the brightest.