Successful People are Always Looking at the Bright Side of Life

“Successful people are always looking at the bright side of life.”


Looking at a bunch of tulips the other day brought me a big awareness.


When moving my tulips to a room with a full of sunshine, they quickly turned their faces and bent over to the sunlight in an obvious way! …as if they had been saying, “I was waiting for this moment!” LOL


Then, when the sun goes down, they close their petals again.


Light bulb went on in my head!!


In 2021, we are pretty much still in the dark not knowing what is going to happen. When watching the news, its focus is on the dark sides of events…


However, successful people are always more sensitive to the bright side of things and life rather than the dark side regardless of situations.


Just like these tulips.


I enjoy observing surroundings and have fun with finding some common threads between two seemingly unrelated things and I am good at bringing awareness to myself and my coaching clients.


You don’t have to necessarily go to school to learn something new. In fact, your daily life is a classroom with a full of treasures only if you pay close attention to your environments.


When you live your life with that level of consciousness, you may discover new things every day!


If you want to achieve your goals in the shortest period by making your environments work for you instead of you having to work hard with your will power, send me a DM. 2021 will be your year!


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