Kay is a top tier life coach that has had various experiences that make her ideal for people in transitions, tough spots or getting to the next level. I’ve had several sessions with Kay to get me to the next level and she’s always far exceeded my expectations.

– Rob Maisonet, the founder of “PictureTakeDown” 

Through coaching with Kay, I became able to see my thought pattern objectively.  Even if you know a way to make things work better theologically in your head, it is very difficult to actually act on it on your own. As a manager & CEO of a company, we have to be responsible for our actions. Recognizing our thought patterns and being willing to change them where necessary is a must for a sustainable success because that will hugely impact the company’s performance. It is easy to focus on our external situation when something is not working, but coaching with Kay enabled me to realize that my external world was a reflection of my internal self. I feel surely that my goals and dreams are becoming to flourish and my company’s performance is improving since I started coaching with Kay. She is very intuitive and knowing my personality and thought patterns very well, Kay always does an excellent job coaching me. Coaching is a very important part of my life now. I will continue to move forward with my vision by coaching with Kay.

– Hidehiro Tomita,
CEO of a food biz consulting firm

I am very sad that our sessions have come to an end. The last 3 months have been truly inspiring and have improved my life on a business, personal and spiritual level. By playing the big game I have learned to control my business environment much better and have improved my listening skills and have better controlled my emotions. On a personal level I am exercising more and have lost some weight, which in turn has given me more energy and opened my mind. I have looked to help people and give back to the community whenever possible. I enjoyed the interaction and role playing that we did each week. Please contact me about Kay’s services and I would highly recommend them. I am looking forward to continuing our rewarding relationship.” 

Bill Spigonardo,
VP at an International Insurance Brokers

Kay is very insightful and guided me through our enriching brainstorms and provocative conversations to my career path. Our sessions have helped me face fears that were holding me back and rebuild my confidence. We focused on developing actions I could do every week in order to reach a tangible goal. I enjoyed improving my game plan. “The Play to Win” coaching method that Kay uses has changed the way I view challenges. Our sessions have made me excited to face them and feel capable of achieving my endgame.

– Lauren Murphy,

It was a pleasure to work with Kay and I found her coaching to be helpful.  Through working with Kay I realized that I had not set measurable goals for my business in order to be able to quantify my success.  I immediately set monthly and quarterly goals and I now enjoy being able to clearly see areas in which I am excelling and areas in which I need to spend more time and energy.  Thank you so much, Kay!

– Caroline Latterman,
PhD, Med, Communication Specialist

I found Kay’s guidance on exploring new career options, particularly in obtaining internships, extremely beneficial. She helped me gain confidence by identifying the skills that I currently have and how I can sell them to employers.  Her vast experience in HR also gave me pointers on application etiquette, such as the advantages of using email over phone. Once I’m ready to apply for full-time positions, I will certainly use Kay again.

– Carmen K,
Job Seeker in Public Relations

When Kay coached me we talked about my career options. The coaching with Kay was a very positive experience for me.  She helped me to outline my ideas and to make my choices very clear. Talking it through helped me to realize the pros and cons to each choice and to set some goals for moving forward in my work.  Kay’s coaching spurred me on to become organized and to take steps toward making positive changes in my career.”

– Anna N,
Occupational Therapist

When you are almost sure that you want to do but not yet clear what would be the first step you need to take, Kay can give you a whole new perspective in reevaluating your plan to make it stronger.

– M.H,
Career Counselor

Through coaching with Kay, I was able to untangle my scattered thoughts about things that have been on my mind unsolved for a long time. Kay helped me organize my thought process and clearly see what is possible to improve my situation with practical action plans. What’s fantastic about Kay’s coaching is that she totally focuses on my own ability to think through and brings out my new awareness by her powerful questions.”

– Tim B,

I always wanted to be coached and finally, with Coach Kay, my wish came true! As Kay listened to me wholeheartedly, I was able to open up and express my honest feelings and current situation. Her coaching skills led me to become aware of my block and the root of my concerns or resistance. She also showed me a mirror of who I can be and where I can be in a year. After coaching with Kay, my husband noticed a positive change in me. He said, “Your are shining! You got twinkles back in your eyes just like when I first met you!” When I heard that, I was so pleased and happy that I received coaching from Kay. I am now inspired to start something new and making a plan for it!

– Mikiko E,

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place in my career. I met Kay through a friend’s recommendation, and I cannot be more glad that I followed her advice. Kay was very methodical, she kept her sessions well structured, and her approach was highly effective in making me see what’s possible. After my session with her, I understood that my problem was not so difficult; I only needed someone like her to bring out a different perspective to look at from. At times our conversation became emotional and personal, but Kay was always professional, and she kept her focus on what was the goal at hand. Now I’m able to focus my attention in the right direction to solve my predicament. I thank Kay for her well-balanced highly professional coaching!

– Mayumi A,
Executive Assistant

Changing your career path seems always a big hustle and difficult to make it happen even though you want to. However, if you think a bit differently, you will see changes are already happening inside you and you have to focus on what is really going on with you. Kay is really precise to guide me through the process of “noticing the change.” You may face a big challenge to change the way you perceive yourself, but it takes a small effort to do it. Communication with Kay was impressively open and flexible. She can organize your scattered thoughts and respond to you in a comprehensive way. The way she organizes them is full of insights and perspectives. This is where Kay makes a difference, helping you realize something about yourself that you did not know before by guiding you through your random thoughts.

– Masa T,
Agent with The United Nations