My Big Game 2020

At the beginning of each year, I always receive a sign in a form of synchronicity and then, I just know what I need to focus on that year. My theme of the year. My Big Game.

In 2020, the way that the Universe sent me a sign and messages was very dramatic and shocking like a thunder storm!  It was about healing my inner child, my childhood wounds.

A lot of times, you would never know how things are connected and how A and B can be relevant, but all things are connected and divinely ordered. One thing has everything to do with another. My case was just like that.

One relationship triggered my deep wounds that I thought I forgotten, forgave, or overcame through another relationship and I learned that my wounds weren’t healed at all. They were still there, living inside my body.

I did some healing work towards my dad a year before he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, then, I thought there was nothing left to be healed anymore, but I was wrong. Someone actually said that life is about finding your shadows and darkness, bring them to light, and heal them one by one. I started to believe that. So, my healing journey continued…

We all have some dark memories from our childhoods that we don’t want to remember and dig deep. We keep on living as if all were forgotten. But the time comes sooner or later when we have to face the darkness. They come back when we are ready to face, when we built the strength to face them.

My journey has been going great so far. I go deep inside and heal my little-self through daily meditation. Through this process, I am gaining new insights and awareness. How I come out of daily meditation is that I am filled with gratitude, love, and appreciation.  I detoxify by crying. I let myself cry as much as I want. Then, I feel so healed and content.

I continue to learn to love myself unconditionally, accept myself as I am, and enjoy myself as I am on this journey.