My Big Game is to co-create a world of inspiration with YOU, through coaching. Seeing YOU being inspired and impacting the lives of others, inspires me. What is your BIG GAME and WHY?

My BIG WHY is because I would like to honor who I really am and live my values. What are my values? 1) INSPIRE: I want to inspire people and I want to be inspired by people; 2) UNKNOWN: One thing I can’t stand is a predictable outcome and life. The Unknown carries some magical energy. When I don’t know what is going to happen, I feel thrilled and most excited!; 3) EXCITEMENT: I want to feel excited about my life, how it unfolds each moment every day; and 4) AWAKENING: I see more and more people have been awakening for the last several years. It’s my mission to awaken myself and others around me that we are “ONE.” Separation creates “EGO” and oneness generates “LOVE.” Yes, everyone is different and unique, but they are all good. We are a part of each other, we are a part of oneness. You are a part of me and I am a part of you.

Through coaching, I can live all of my values fully. That is my BIG WHY. What’s yours?

My Big Game in 2021

Letting Go

This, seems like my theme for 2021.?

Do you have any themes or messages that you’ve often seen and heard as a form of synchronicity since the year-end or the beginning of the new year?

It is as if the Universe were telling you, “Are you not getting it yet?”

Again and again, the theme of the new year is being sent to me as their message in many different ways. ?

The other night, I’ve heard the final scream from the Universe as I kept ignoring and denying.??

The YouTube video that came up to my screen as a recommendation to me was……

“70% achievement in life is the best balance”


When I saw that, I completely surrendered to the Universe…….????

Although I acknowledged this several years ago and I got better little by little as years went by,

my perfectionism, results-driven mind-set, competitiveness, judgment for my imperfection, craving to perform higher than expected, prioritizing to achieve beyond peoples’ expectations to my own interests because I hate to fail against my own goals and I don’t want to disappoint others??? are still operating in my world…

Yes, it’s coming up one after another…??

I was raised in a generation when I was always compared to others for everything and everywhere.

Competitive mindset was a norm. It was my default.

I started feeling that something wasn’t sitting well with me about 5-6 years ago and from there, I’ve learned what teamwork is about and its dynamics.

Then, I thought I already let go of this heavy energy even if

I haven’t been able to achieve self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion completely and I continue to mediate on those daily….

Now that we entered into the new “Wind” era,  it seems like the Universe is telling me,

“Focus on letting go of ALL of those heavy energies COMPLETELY.” ???✨

Just like this, for the past several years, even if I don’t consciously set a new year’s goal, the theme and agenda that I need to focus on always presents itself in front of me in many forms of sign and synchronicity.

Of course, this is normally a form of my “becoming,” not “doing,” so I work on “doing” things based on each year’s “becoming” theme.

Find your focus theme for the new year based on synchronicity that has happened to you from the year-end to the beginning of the new year.

What kind of messages have you received?

To be frank with you, it took me some courage to share my theme with you here.?

But, to declare myself, show that I made an agreement with the Universe, and be mindful of this theme this year, I decided to disclose it.

Please email me to share your theme for the new year.??

Are you ready to accelerate your dreams coming into fruition by designing your environments based on your theme of this year?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!✨?

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