The More I Let Go, The More I will Have

So, my Year 2020 Big Game continues. Self-healing…that is….

How do I do it? The best way is through meditation. As many of you have been doing for the last three months, I am staying at home almost all day, which gives me plenty of time for self-reflection.

When I have been having super busy days (until not so long ago!), I used to have many excuses NOT to meditate, but now, no excuses! What a perfect timing that the Universe gave me this challenge!

I am focusing on all my “should” and “rules” or “generalization” that I held onto or blocked new possibilities and letting go of my fears of losing those familiar territories.

Then, one day during my daily meditation, it suddenly hit me. A big a-ha moment. “The more I let go, the more I will have.”  And here’s another big one. “The more I let go, the more I am becoming.”

That is who I really am. Love and light to serve people and evolve the world.

I am declaring to the Universe that I am ready for that change.


“Doing” vs. “Becoming”


Did you create 2016 New Year’s Resolutions? Now that the first quarter of the New Year already has passed, how is it working for you so far? I’ve read that 90-95% of people already failed as early as in January. Why is this? And yet, we repeat the same process year after year, thinking, “OK, this year I will succeed,” only to experience the same disappointment. How could we avoid this same mistake and failure??

Number one, stop creating a new year’s resolution all together! Instead, create a daily resolution. Think about this. You MUST eat and bathe every day in order for you to function, feel refreshed, and energized. So, why do you think of resolutions otherwise? It’s the same thing. You must set an intension every single day even if it may be the same intension from yesterday. Focus on the “NOW,” rather than a year ahead. If you keep creating a daily success, by the end of the year, you will go farther than you have ever imagined.

Number two, change your focus on “becoming,” NOT “doing.” I often talk about this with my clients. And while I am writing, I almost feel like I am reminding myself too!

I had been a “doer” for my whole life until coaching changed my perspective completely. So, this shift was huge and it still is challenging. For somehow, I used to find “comfort” in “doing.” I thought, “As long as I am doing something, I am OK. I am going somewhere.”  Not quite! Doing slows you down to become who you would like to become. If you are a “doer,” step back for a moment and shift your focus on “becoming.”

Who would you like to become? Once you’ve got that focus, then, “doing” comes naturally. When you think about your daily resolution, switch a gear towards “becoming.” And see what will inspire you to “do.” At the end of the year, you will be amazed how much more you will have accomplished by “doing” LESS. Try it.