My Big Game in 2016

So, here we are. 2016. Another new year. It’s been quite a journey all through the last year. I am not going to lie. It was very challenging to play my big game. “Judgement-free, complete acceptance.” But I’ve come a long way! So, I will continue to play with the same theme, but focusing more on “LOVE.” Love myself and others. One of my mantras this year is “Everyone is different and they are all good.”

And the Universe is so good that it has been already giving me a lot of signs from the beginning of the year! I’m getting it over and over from my mentor coach, meditation class I happened to go, a book I have been reading, my horoscope, etc. everywhere. The key word for this year is being happy. Just that. My big game this year is to be happy just because; not because some external circumstances. So, in addition to the mantra from last year’s big game, this year’s brand new mantra would be “finding unconditional happiness within,” “being happy with myself.” How about yours?