“I like it, I do it. That’s my code.”


“I like it, I do it. That’s my code. “

This is one of my favourite quotes at all times by French actor, Alain Delon.

Often times, we forget why we even started something because we get frustrated and disappointed ? if we don’t see the results we wanted when we wanted.


We get so caught up in a race that nobody forces us to run by comparing ourselves to others.

Step back for a second and remember why you started what you are doing in the first place.

Something must have inspired you to start it.

Come back to that pure joy ?.

You do it because you like it. Just as simple as that.

And in the end, that’s all there is to it.

The energy you bring to the world just out of joy will get you where you want to go at the right time.

With my coaching, I remind you to bring the spirit of play.

When you enjoy what you do, the world ? responds in the same way. ?

Explore your big game to play with me. Register a complimentary session from my contact page.

Dance with the Universe

The Universe is always trying to communicate with us in its own unique way.

And it has a sense of humor even.

It throws you in a totally unexpected direction sometimes.

As if it were telling me not to be so serious about life.

And you know what? The Universe is right.

Life is a serious thing, but you don’t have to take it so seriously. Get it?

Its message is always a great reminder.

The Universe wanted to play with me. So, I chose to dance.

With my coaching, you will relearn how to have fun with your life again and how to play with the Universe.