Create Your Power Patterns – Language

Create Your Power Patterns

One of coaching tools that I learned at CoachVille was called “World Power,” which you create your perfect 9 environments that represent and reflect everything about your “Big Game” and who you want to become.


The most important thing or the first thing you do is to create your Power Pattern, your language that speaks about the world you want to create or who you want to become.


And anything that is not in alignment with that has to be zapped from your environments, including people, financial situations, your ideas, life style, diet, spiritual practice, etc., not just physical things.


Power Pattern doesn’t have to be a complete sentence, but it has to be something that has emotional charge to it.


You can create them as many as you want and update them as often as you want. Several years ago, my pattern language was {The Universe wants to play with me, so I decided to } Dance with the Universe,” or “Co-create the world of inspiration,” or “Do less, become more.”


Also, I would like to share how I’ve been playing with my power pattern as a daily reminder that I can’t help but to think about it all the time.  


I use my power pattern for passwords to log in to my computer or some other sites. You must have so many passwords to use every day, so why not to use your power pattern for those?

That way, you type your power pattern over and over every day and that should help you become that!


And you know how you have to change your passwords every 3 months or 6 months for some sites for security reasons or you can also choose to do so on your own.


So, if you have more power pattern that you want to use or you have a new power pattern that reflects your big game, you can update your passwords with new ones.


This is a how your environment supports your big game and that should help you achieve your goals faster!


What are some of your pattern languages?