Light & Darkness

Light & Darkness

We all feel that we are in a big force of change and transformation this year. There’s no deny there. So, we have two choices; either we resist what is or we take this as a great opportunity to reflect our life and zap what is no longer serving us and get ready for new things.

Many of us are facing what has been neglected or avoided to face and this world pandemic is forcing us to make some major changes.

When going to the next stage in life, we have to go through some uncomfortable phases. Because you have to get outside your comfort zone. That’s normal, right?

But I feel that this is something different. I feel that the Universe is asking us for our commitment to changes and transformation. It is requiring us to declare what we want and how we want to live our life and that we accept any challenges coming our way to get there.

In order to live in a new world, we need to raise our vibrations. We need to go back to who we really are, love and light.

In some way or another, including myself, I’ve heard many unusual events happening in peoples’ lives to force them to face their darkness. It’s as if the Universe really wanted to expedite the healing process so we can make it to the Universal ascension that is unfolding now.

Everyone has darkness because our soul purpose for incarnation is to grow. Without darkness, we cannot learn anything. Our darkness may be inner child wounds that are hurting or sad memories from childhood or young -adulthood.  We are now being asked to bring those darkness to light and heal. Heal your little-self who felt alone and who was desperate for love.

Forgive people who hurt us and understand that was also a form of love on a soul level. Send hem love, light, healing, and blessing.

We can know what the light is because we experienced darkness. Join me on his journey of healing and self-love.