One Act out of Love per Day

One Act out of Love per Day

Here’s something I have started recently. One good deed per day.  A deed out of love, not out of egos or fears. At least once a day.

A small thing you can do to your family members, your co-workers, your neighbors, delivery persons, workers at a grocery store or at a dry cleaner, or strangers.

You can give them some encouraging words, show them your appreciation, extend them some extra support, tell them you care about them and love them, give them some compliments, make them smile or laugh. It doesn’t’ cost you a penny, but it will impact their lives in a big positive way so they can impact the lives of others in the same way. Isn’t that wonderful?

I realized that by doing this act out of love mindfully at least once a day, my vibrations go up and I end up feeling much better myself! So, it’s a win-win.

Join me in this game and make a difference in the world!