The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

Do you meditate regularly? I remember the first time I started meditation based on my mentor coach’s recommendation several years ago, I was frustrated. My mind was in full force during the meditation. It was almost opposite effect and I felt like I was creating MORE TIME TO THINK by meditating and doing more things to do in my busy schedules.

I was like, don’t we meditate to be calm, get out of our head, and be still? So, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand why many people recommend meditation so strongly.

I was also looking for results. My mentor coach reminded me over and over that meditation is not about results, it’s a process.

Now, I’ve been reaping so many benefits from my daily meditation. One of the biggest ones is my intuition. My ability to hear my small inner voice and to listen to my intuition has been improved so much.

It does not necessarily happen during a meditation, but if meditation becomes your daily routine, out of the blue, you will often get an answer for what you’ve been asking and pondering.

It happened to me this morning while doing my laundry. It was a big a-ha moment.