Remembering “Oneness” and Coming Back to It.

What a new year has it been in 2020! Globally, we are all facing unprecedented challenges and experiencing something we couldn’t even imagine that we would go through before. It’s scary, sad, worrisome, hard, uncomfortable, and inconvenient to all of us, not to mention it’s a life or death battle physically and financially to many people. But, what if this global pandemic was meant to have happened now? What if we think it as something that was to bring balance and harmony to the world?

As we all know, we don’t like changes even if it is a “positive” change and even if we are not happy with or suffering from the current situation because a “change” takes courage, energy, and effort. Change is uncomfortable. We get too comfortable in an unsatisfied or mediocre situation.  Sometimes we need a push, some external force to push us out of our comfort zone.

What if this pandemic happened as an inevitable external force to bring changes to our lives? We share the same pandemic that is happening all over the world, but it has a different meaning on an individual level. It may mean that you need to face to review your relationships with your loved ones or family. Or it may mean that you need to stop dragging yourself to go to work that you absolutely hate. Or it may mean that you need to rest, regain your energy, and treat yourself better. Or it may mean that you need to start doing what brings joy more into your life. It could mean many different things to many different people.

There is one thing that we share in common.  

What if this pandemic is the way of the Universe’s telling us to stop being so busy, be still, review our life, make changes, and live a harmonious life with others and the Earth, and act out of love for ourselves and others? Most importantly, to remember who we really are, remember that we are “One” and we came from the same place. We are coming back to that “Oneness,” not “Separation” that creates egos.  This pandemic forces us to become “One” and support each other so we can remember “Oneness” again.

Let’s meditate on that together..